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    Wardrobe Organization Tips 

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    Are you starting to get ready for fall fashion? I can barely think about it considering we are having 100 degree weather here in Washington DC. But I did stop into Nordstrom the other day to check out the Anniversary sale and I was slightly tempted to do some fall shopping. I will definitely be going back next week with a little more time to check it out. As you're prepping your wardrobe for fall keep these 3 organzation tips in mind. 

    Wardrobe Organization Tips

    1. Swap out wire and mismatched hangers for uniform ones. Your wardrobe will instanty look more organized and chic. 

    2. Display jewelry and accessories so they are visible and easy to access. If they are tucked away in drawers you will be less likey to use them on a regular basis. 

    3. Rotate your clothing so that the items you were most for the current season are in front and bonus if you organize your clothing by color! 

    Also if you missed it check out my post on 7 Tips To Edit Your Wardrobe For Spring. Many of these tips can apply to your fall wardrobe planning. 


    GET THE LOOK: Effortless Date Night

    I’ve been a huge Sex and The City fan for as long as I can remember. It’s been such a big part of my life even starting since high school. For me, Carrie Bradshaw is the epitome of city girl fashion. Her love of ridiculously high shoes, designer trends, and the ability to pull of the most ridiculous pairings. However, my favorite Carrie is one from the beginning years. She effortlessly pulled off simple, body forming dresses with killer heels and great bags. She let her wild curly hair be her best accessory and she looked amazing. Channeling my inner Carrie, I’ve pulled together a modern day look that speaks very much to that vibe. Little accessories, a great (simple) dress, and some amazing heels. -Faith





    Summer Capsule Wardrobe

    I came across the cutest summer capsule wardrobe post by Anuschka with Into-Mind and if you're looking to create a summer capsule then her post is for you!  I love these summer capsule pieces because they work for work and weekends all the items are built around a specific color palette. Check out the entire post here.

    And also be sure to check out some of my favorite capsule pieces for Summer over at Capsule. 



    Have you checked out my curated online shopping site CAPSULE? If not head over I have added some fun new spring pieces. And if you would like to learn more about building a CAPSULE wardrobe click below to view the TV segment I did last year over at Let's Talk Live. 


    On Trend: The Culotte

    Lately in the world of fashion pant hems have been shrinking, while their widths have been expanding. The culotte is back and screams chic, high fashion. From the likes of Kendall Jenner to the editors at Vogue, everyone is sporting the pant that became popular starting back in the Victorian era. With most people’s comfort zone still being super skinny, use the above to think about a few things when shopping for this look. Keeping your print simple and your color palette minimal will help make them more wearable. A wide pant also means that you can get away with less up top - so opt for a slinky tank or a super fitted option. Heels will absolutely look amazing and help to show off/flatter your ankles, but I think a cute summer flat can work just as well. Make sure the shoe isn’t clunky and helps to streamline the look. - Faith