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    Have you checked out my curated online shopping site CAPSULE? If not head over I have added some fun new spring pieces. And if you would like to learn more about building a CAPSULE wardrobe click below to view the TV segment I did last year over at Let's Talk Live. 


    On Trend: The Culotte

    Lately in the world of fashion pant hems have been shrinking, while their widths have been expanding. The culotte is back and screams chic, high fashion. From the likes of Kendall Jenner to the editors at Vogue, everyone is sporting the pant that became popular starting back in the Victorian era. With most people’s comfort zone still being super skinny, use the above to think about a few things when shopping for this look. Keeping your print simple and your color palette minimal will help make them more wearable. A wide pant also means that you can get away with less up top - so opt for a slinky tank or a super fitted option. Heels will absolutely look amazing and help to show off/flatter your ankles, but I think a cute summer flat can work just as well. Make sure the shoe isn’t clunky and helps to streamline the look. - Faith


    GET THE LOOK: One Blazer Two Ways 

    Hi everyone! Today we have Faith showing us how to wear one blazer two ways. I saw Faith wearing this chic blazer on her Instagram and loved how she styled it so many ways so I ended up getting one too.  It's so versatile and pairs up with almost everything in my wardrobe! 

    This spring/summer I’m absolutely obsessed with light grey/white long-line blazers and jackets. I’ve purchased the one above and already have my eye on another! I find that with my all black wardrobe, they are the perfect way to shake things up and still keep my look chic and easy. The best part about this blazer is how quickly you can take it from work, to weekend, to date night. Changing out a few pieces, adding a little edginess and it’s that simple. Another way I’ve been dying to try and style this is as a dress (with a bralette and shorts underneath, just incase) - super sexy and super easy! If you buy one piece this season - let it be a super versatile long-line jacket/blazer! - Faith

    Faith wearing this slouchy longline blazer three ways. (Photos via Faith's Instagram)


    7 Tips to Edit Your Wardrobe For Spring

    Spring is finally here and it is the perfect time to detox, organize and edit your wardrobe. 

    1. Define. Define your personal style and know your signature style. Personal style changes from year to year so take this time to assess your current style. Before your start editing your wardrobe really think about how you define your personal style and what types of clothes make you feel and look your best. 

    2. Discard. Now it's time to think about items from the winter season and last spring/summer and make four piles- discard, donate, sell, and the maybe pile. I suggest following the 2 year rule-so if you have not worn an item the past two winter seasons then say goodbye because you will likely never ever wear it! 

    3. Rotate. Move your remaining winter items to the back of your wardrobe and have your spring items in clear view. This is a good time to dry clean outerwear and properly store away your delicate sweaters. 

    4. Update. Now is a great time to get rid of mismatched wire and plastic hangers. I recommend investing in slim line hangers or wooden hangers. Invest in good shoe racks and clear storage bins as well. 

    5. Organize. Now that your spring items are in clear view organize them in a way that works for you. I like to hang items by type (pants, blazers, tops) and then by color. (light to dark) This system will make getting dressed in the morning easier and faster. I also like to keep all the items I wear the most (my capsule wardrobetogether on a rolling rack or on rack in my wardrobe. These are the items I wear the most and are my "go to" items during a particular season. 

    6. Shop. Now the fun begins! As you are editing your wardrobe make a list of the items you are missing. This list will help you strategically plan out your shopping plan for the season. Ask yourself what foundational items am I missing? (tee shirts, basic sandals, summer dresses etc) Also do you need to replace any items that are worn out or no longer fit? What about an update to your accessories? Accessories such as necklaces, scarves, and hats are an inexpensive and fun way to incorporate some of the season's hottest trends to spring style and wardrobe. For ideas of what to add to your spring wardrobe check out CAPSULE.

    7. Maintain. Your wardrobe is spring ready so why not maintain all the hard work you have just accomplished. Wardrobe maintenance is an ongoing process and is less daunting if you continuously evaluate and edit your wardrobe. I have a bin in the corner of my closet where I throw items in that no longer fit, are worn out, or I don't like. This makes it easier to maintain my wardrobe on a continuous basis. 

    And of course if all else fails you can always call a stylist to help you..and I might just know the perfect person to help you! :)

    All images are via


    Hotel Review: The Four Seasons Palm Beach 

    Last week Aneesh and I stayed at The Four Seasons Palm Beach for 4 nights and this was our second time visiting this property in a year. We LOVED everything about our visit and I thought I would share my 10 reasons why we had a great vacation and why you should plan a visit too! 

    1. Courteous staff. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left every single staff member was courteous, greeted us with a smile, and said hello. At the end I even wanted to tip a staff member who took great care of us at the pool and he genuinely didn't want to take my money. (But I made him!) He was so humble and polite as were all the staff at the property. 

    2. Anything is possible attitude. No matter which Four Seasons I have stayed at in the past the attitude from everyone who works here is always positive and they are willing to accommodate your needs. Even little changes like I wanted to order one cookie but the order had two or I wanted to substitute avocado instead of chicken- they were willing and happy to do this. When you spend so much money you want the best service and The Four Seasons always delivers. 

    3. Cleanliness of the rooms, property, and pool. The rooms are neutral and modern in design and feel peaceful and relaxing. Each room had a balcony and we even enjoyed a room upgrade without even asking for it. 

    {photo c/o Four Seasons}

    4 Coffee in the lobby. This sounds like such a minor thing but having good coffee and tea in the lobby is such a nice luxury.  I looked forward to getting up each morning, grabbing a coffee, and taking a long walk on the beach before breakfast. 

    5. So many complimentary amenities. Complimentary amenities including sunscreen and Popsicles at the pool, coffee and tea in the lobby, house car and bicycles, free Wi-Fi, digital access to newspapers, daily fitness classes, spa access including whirlpool and steam, just to name a few. This place takes care of you they are not interested in nickel and diming you for every little item. 

    6. New Four Seasons App. I used the Four Season App the entire time to check fitness class schedules, book spa appointments, request housekeeping/ turn down service, and to order room service.  The app was easy to use and it was nice to be able to personalize and customize our stay. Check out is super easy with the app as well. If you're visiting a Four Seasons I highly recommend you download and use the new app. 

    7. High quality food and drinks. Every meal, whether is was our daily breakfast at Graze , the occasional room service, lounging at the bar, or eating at Jove- everything we ate was delicious, fresh, and made to order. Without even asking all our salads and meals were split ahead of time for us. The pool side menu was great too and I liked how it included several healthy salad options.  

    My favorite dish was the Tuna and Salmon Chirashi which came highly recommended by Chris, one of our favorite staff members. Basically this dish is a deconstructed sushi roll consisting of sushi style tuna and salmon, sticky rice, avocado, cucumber, tempura, sweet soy, and kimchi aioli.  

    8. Beautiful and well kept beaches. This private white sand beach was clean and well maintained. We really enjoyed our twice daily strolls on the beach. 

     9.The Spa. The spa was heavenly and so luxurious. I booked the 50 minute Reflexology and Aneesh experienced the 50 minute Ocean Bliss massage. We also took full advantage of the full spa experience including the whirlpool, steam, sauna, and relaxation lounge. 

    10. Home Away From Home. The Four Seasons Palm beach is THE perfect place for a relaxing getaway and our stay truly felt like home away from home. Best of all everyone here is treated like a VIP. I can't wait to come back again next year! 

    One evening after our massages at the spa, we ordered coffee and cookies, watched several episodes of House of Cards, and had a super lazing evening. 


    Other photos from our trip. See more of my photos on Instagram.