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    This Week's STYLE FINDS 

    This week’s STYLE FINDS were all pieces that can be found around the house or in your favorite handbag. From hand cream and primer to cookbooks and body spray, this week was all about the finishing touches to add to any look.


    On Monday fragrance was the focus, this light and floral scent from Kai is the perfect way to top off your ensemble. It is a durable fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh all day long.


    On Tuesday the focus was shifted to the hands. Everyone needs that go-to hand balm in his or her bag. This soothing and refreshing one from Library of Flowers is not only a gorgeous tube, but also an amazing scent. It will leave your hands nourished and smelling of honeysuckle and avocado oil, what could be better?


    On Wednesday it was time to get into the kitchen with Ottolenghi’s vegetarian cookbook called Plenty. This delicious collection of recipes is the perfect way to spend a summer evening outside with friends and family. It is a classic that you will keep coming back to for more culinary inspiration.


    Lastly, on Thursday it was time to take care of your hair. This Bumble and Bumble primer is crucial for anyone that blow dry’s, straightens or curls their hair. Our locks can only withstand so much and it is imperative to nourish them and keep your hair looking strong and fantastic.


    From your hair to your hands and everything in between, this week’s STYLE FINDS will have you looking and feeling refreshed on every level! 



    What To Wear: Gingham 

    One of the most recent street style trends is gingham. This classic pattern is something that many feel should be confined to your grandmother’s house, however this motif has recently received a fashionable update. From oversized prints to flattering tailoring there are so many ways to take this trend and revitalize it. The best part about it is that you can incorporate a little or a lot of it into your look. Either way this bold pattern will catch any eye.

    One of my favorite ways I have seen it is as a statement skirt. Particularly, the tea length styles have caught my attention. They are a ladylike interpretation of this trend. You can pair your skirt with a classic and clean white button-down and then your favorite heels. It is a great way to keep this look very timeless and streamlined. Because this pattern is so bold it is easy to look garish or graphic. The key is to keep this pattern in moderation within your ensemble. If you opt for a dress, be sure to pick a simple silhouette that will flatter your body type.

    Then finish your look off with a colored cross body bag, sleek shades and a clean heel. Less is definitely more when it comes to this trend. However, don’t fear this motif, because when you do it right it looks impeccable. A great way to try this look out is to invest in a pair of cropped and slim gingham patterned pants. They are a great piece to wear to the office, you can throw on a white button-down and a black stiletto and you are all set for the day. No matter how you choose to do this trend, as a skirt, dress or pants you can’t go wrong if you keep your ensemble simple and flattering. --Carly


    STYLE PROFILE: Laura & Megan of Events In The City

    Today's STYLE PROFILE features Laura Ritchie and Megan Pollard of Events in the City.  Laura and Megan are part of the Creative Collective shared studio space with me in Georgetown. Laur and Megan are both full of energy, style, and talent and they put on some amazing events in and around the city. 

    Name: Laura Ritchie & Megan Pollard

    Current Title/Company: Principal Designers of Events in the City

    Location: Leesburg, VA & Georgetown, DC

    Events in the City is a special events planning and design firm located in the D.C Metropolitan area. We recognize that special details and personal touches are the cornerstone to remembered events. As a company we strive to have each of our events reflect our client’s wishes, wants, and personalities. The ladies of Events in the City have extensive backgrounds in fashion, film, hotels, catering, project management & controlled chaos. We believe that creativity never sleeps, customer service is not a thing of the past, and your time is valuable. Knowing that we have the opportunity to experience you seeing your vision come to life is the most gratifying work imaginable.

    1. What does a typical day look like for you?

    L: Well it honestly always changes and that is a part of the industry that we work in that keeps you on your toes. Typically though I get up around 6:30am, lay in bed with coffee and check Twitter & Intsagram and breeze through any new emails that have come in over night. Though I try to not write back to any clients via the phone at that time since I might not be completely awake just yet.

    I clothe and feed my three year old boy, Ethan while I pack his lunch and then take him to daycare at 9am. I go to barre class at Barre Budhhi at 9:30am in Leesburg. If I don't have any appointments that day, lets get real, I just stink it up and go right to the office and work the rest of the day away there in my work out clothes. Yup, I said it and its true.

    If I do have meetings then I go home and shower and change into something along the line of a skinny leather pants, fun top and a blazer, big chunky necklace. I head out to meetings at rental companies to pull items for clients, tastings for their events or running errands like dropping off welcome bags at hotels. Its not uncommon for us to be at least one networking event downtown at night although it its a Friday, Im at a wedding rehearsal.

    I typically try to get in bed by 9pm with my dachshund Oscar, scroll through social media while I watch my Bravo shows. I typically turn out the lights by 11pm, big cup or water by the bed, and some how its all gone by the time I wake up.

    M: I rarely wake up to my alarm, in fact never it is usually from the pouncing of my 4 and 6 year old daughters or a nudge from my husband between 6:30-7:00. From there we are off, kids up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, beds made and down the stairs. We practice our reading over cereal and I get the first of many cups of coffee into my system. Each day after this moment is different some are filled with Nannys dropping in to allow me to head off to client or company meetings. Other days I am dropping off and picking up from pre-school and bus stops which are exactly 1 mile from my Leesburg studio... yep planned perfectly!

    Every day is a balance between our business brain and our creative brain, keeping clients on task and bills paid all the while innovating something unique and special for their events. The collaborative process is my favorite. I love the days when our team and clients get to spend time together dreaming and saying " What if". When the work day is done, its back to family. Emptied book bags, cooked dinner, bath time, book time, glass of wine and I am done. Bed time is difficult for me, I have a very hard time turning off my brain. Those who suffer most are my husband and my business partner, so here's to them thank you for putting up with me!

    2. How would you describe your personal style?

    M: I am drawn toward classic pieces with a twist. I am also a sucker for sentimental accessories. I have a few pieces given to me from friends, co-workers, and my children and they always seem to be the right choice with almost any outfit!

    L: I love some jazziness to my outfits however I rely on how I am feeling each day to dictate my style. Across the board bright colors, patterns and interesting cuts are a staple for me. It would be a cold day in hell before I wore all black.

    3. What are your favorite items in your wardrobe and why?

    M: Frye Boots- I love the worn charcataristics, they feel like they have a story! My green cape from Anthropology.. its a cape, enough said!

    L: My growing collection of Diane Von Furstenberg pieces and my Chanel bag. DVF epitomizes a lot of how I view my style, the colors, patterns, playfulness and an "I am woman hear me roar" attitude. My Chanel bag was as much a lifelong lust achieved as it was a special memory. I travelled to Paris, to the original Chanel store and purchased it with my best friend on my 29th birthday. I don't think it gets better than that!

    4. Do you have any style or beauty secrets to share?

    M: My secret really isn't about how to wear something more of why to wear something. When I have busy days ahead, and I need to really be on top of my game I am sure to put on my signature power color which is poppy. I have some JCrew Mini's, TB flats, and countless tops that revive me and make me feel ready to conquer the world. Slight warning it may be too much to wear these all at once ;)

    L: I love Velcro rollers for my hair, ponds cold cream to remove eye makeup and St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I've used them all since I was a teen and mom shared these secrets with me. I've also recently, and accidentally at that, discovered if I wash my hair with Body Wash and let it hair dry I get a lot more cool texture and bounce. So strange but I am swearing by this for my thin, fine hair.

    5. How do you spend your "me" time?

    M: Movies, I love the plots, characters, artistry, and the length of most are just enough to un-wind.

    L: I read a lot of magazines. My husband makes fun of me because I am growing a second bedside table made out of magazines next to my bed right now. I love getting inspiration for outfits & events here. Plus there is nothing better than sitting back with a glass of wine and your favorite subscription. My go-tos are Instyle, Vogue (ride or die for Anna Wintour), Elle, Lucky, Real Simple & Martha Stewart.

    6. What is the most important thing you have learned through running your own business?

    M: It is always changing, staying flexible and open to learn and to share with others.

    L: Being a genuine friend first to the people you deal with all the time gets you much further than acting like you are above anyone. There is always something new to learn in our industry and making a lasting good impression, over and over again, is invaluable.

    7. What is your mantra?

    M & L: Grit and Grace

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    Style Profile is a bi monthly style column featuring creative and talented entrepreneurs and business owners. I feature the stylish women behind these successful businesses and brands, their personal style, and share a glimpse into their typical work day. 


    This Week's STYLE FINDS 


    Happy Friday!

    This week’s Style Finds were all based on what my favorite pieces to sport at the beach are. From the perfect shades to patterned towels, there are so many great pieces for a day in the sun.

    On Monday I focused on the chicest ways to stay dry, this Nine Spaces J.Crew collaboration towel is an adorable and nautical style. The tassels add another layer of elegance and fun, it really is all in the details.

    Next, on Tuesday it was all about how to cover up, this Vix Swimwear kaftan is an incredible addition to any summer wardrobe. The simple lines and synched waist combine for a flattering and colorful way to stay covered on your walk to the water. 

    Wednesday I shifted gears and focused on how to invigorate your sunglasses. We are creatures of habit and it is so easy to opt for the same, classic and sometimes boring shades. Try mixing things up with this violet Club Monaco style. They are a conventional shape combined with a translucent frame that will add a hint of edge to any look.

    Lastly, on Thursday I finished things off by showcasing a rectangular canvas beach tote. This Ann Taylor style is very classic with clean lines and simple details. Not only will it carry all your beach must haves, but also it is a timeless piece you will be carrying year after year to the water.

    Next time you are headed to the beach try to mix things up and add some more style to your relaxing vacation with these simple pieces.--Carly 

    Shop this week's style finds and more fun beach essentials 


    Shop The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Now


    The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is going on now until August 3rd. Be sure to check it out. There are some amazing summer deals as well as great pieces to get your fall wardrobe started. But don't wait too long because these prices go back up on August 4th. Our fashion and beauty contributor Faith Pierce and I have selected a few of our favorite items from the sale.

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