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    How To Get Beachy Waves

    For the past 10 years in Boston I have not had to adjust my hairstyle in the summer because the heat and humidity was not so extreme.  But now that we are in the Washington D.C. area and summer is here (it is officially summer today) I need new no fuss and no heat hairstyles to make it through the sultry summer.

    I have been experimenting with new hairstyles that do not require a 20 minute styling session consisting of torturous blow drying and straightening and I have to say this soft beachy wave style an excellent alternative.  I also love this hairstyle because it is effortless, natural, and is healthy for my hair and sanity. Also I have been wearing my hair straight for so many years so it's nice to change things up and play up my naturally wavy hair. 

    The two products I use to master beach waves are L'oreal Texture Expert Curl Corset Energizing Mousse and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I also just read about Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray and it looks like it might be a great product as well to achieve tousled beachy waves. 

    Additional Style Tip to Achieve Beachy Waves

    Waves do not fall right on hair that is all one length so you need to remove the excess weight by getting long layers cut into your hair. (I am getting my haircut this afternoon so I will be requesting some long layers for sure!)


    Makeup Brush Guide 

    Lately I have been organizing my make up brushes, replacing old brushes, and expanding and completing my makeup brush collection.  I usually buy MAC or Bobbi Brown makeup brushes but I have to say these SOHO professional ergonomic brushes (all featured above) are my new favorites. The brushes are reasonably priced and they conform to the natural contour of the hand allowing for a better grip, comfort, and more controlled make up application. 

    A Few Additional Tips About Makeup Brushes

    Powder and Blush Brushes

    If you only have one powder brush you can use it for pressed and loose powder, bronzer, and blush. But I like using my powder brush just for powder and I have a separate blush brush for blush and bronzer.  I also have a contoured blush brush because the slanted shape allows you to deposit color precisely where you want it. 

    Travel Brush Sets

    Having a separate travel set of brushes is ideal because it is compact and the brushes are neatly organized. I have a Bobbi Brown travel brush set I use (similar to this one) but this Rose Gold Mineral Brush Set from Sephora is stunning and I love the chic coordinated pouch.  

    Keeping Brushes Clean

    Cleaning and disinfection brushes is important not only to protect the longevity of the brushes but also to keep your skin healthy and free of bacteria. I admit I am terrible when it comes to cleaning my makeup brushes but I am hoping to get better at this with at least monthly deep cleaning of the brushes with baby shampoo. I also just purchased  this anti-bacterial daily cleaner from Sephora and it works well to quickly remove makeup between applications.  


    Outfit: Date Night

    Amrita Singh coral branch necklace, Zara blouse, Banana Republic skirt, BCBG clutch, Stuart Weitzman sandals

    This weekend was so relaxing yet full of fun activities. On Saturday we hung out at the pool and then Aneesh and I met our friends for a wonderful dinner at Brasserie Beck. I had the Spicy Red Thai Mussels and Frites and this was probably the best meal I have had in a while.

    On Sunday for Father's Day Ariyana insisted on making breakfast in bed for Aneesh and then we all took a nice long leisurely walk.  Aneesh also asked me to be his personal stylist for a couple of hours and we bought some colorful and fun pieces to update his summer wardrobe.  We ended off the weekend at our friends place for an amazing taco party. My friend Tanvi followed this menu from Bon Appetit and the entire meal was simply out of this world! 

    This past week I have also been experimenting with new low maintenance summer hairstyles.  I have finally mastered the beachy wave look and what I love most about this hairstyle is it does not require the use of a hair dryer or flat iron. Stay tuned this week as I show you how I achieved this surprisingly easy summer go-to look. 


    Simple Smoky

    We have a low key and fun weekend planned and includes hanging out at the pool, making Aneesh a special Father's Day brunch, watching a movie or two at home, and going out for a fun date night.  I rarely do a smoky eye (because it seems so difficult) but I came across this simple smoky tutorial on Pinterest and thought I might give it a try for our night out. Let's see how it goes....

    Also if you missed it yesterday check out my roundup of straw bags for the summer. 

    Have a great weekend!

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    Quick and EASY Key Lime Pie

    Most of the recipes I share on STYLE'N tend to be Indian inspired or fusion recipes but every so oftenI like to share sweet treats that are easy to make. (here) I am not into fancy and complicated baking but I love making a dessert that is simple, delicious, and gives the impression it took hours to make.

    On Sunday we invited a few friends over for a barbecue and my friend Roma brought over an amazing key lime pie. Roma and I used this recipe and both of us substituted Nellie and Joe's Famous Key Lime Juice for freshly squeezed limes. I suppose if you have more time you can make the crust from scratch and take the time to squeeze a dozen fresh limes.  But I promise this quick and easy version tastes just as good. 

    Roma best describes the key lime pie as "sooo easy, incredibly refreshing, and bad for you" and I could not agree more with her.  Enjoy!