June 30, 2010

Power Smoothie

Several of my friends and family have asked me how I make my smoothie.  So I decided to put the recipe here for those interested.  My typical routine is to have a morning cup of coffee, hit the gym, and then come back and have the smoothie. It give me energy, fills me up until the afternoon, and provides a serious daily dose of fruit. Drinking one of these is a wonderful way to start the day.

Recipe (Two servings)
1/4 cup walnuts
2 Tbsp almonds
1 Tbsp flax seed
1 cup assortment of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
4-5 strawberries
1 banana
1/4 cup Fage or Chobani vanilla low fat Greek yogurt
1/4 cup skim milk
5-6 cubes of ice

Add all ingredients into the blender, mix, and enjoy!

Additional Notes
-I always use blueberries in my smoothie because they are so good for you and contain the most amount of antioxidants. But all the other fruits and berries vary depending on what I have in the fridge. If we have watermelon, grapes, apples, pears, or mangoes on hand I may throw those into the mix as well.

-Frozen fruit is just as good to use as fresh fruit. In the winter when the berries are out of season we go to  Costco or Trader Joe’s and stock up on frozen mango’s, blueberries, and strawberries.

-I tried to make accurate measurements for this recipe but keep in mind you don’t have to measure anything. Just add ingredients based on your personal preference.

-If you use vanilla yogurt it will make the smoothie taste a bit sweeter than using plain yogurt. I prefer this especially when I am using more an assortment of berries that are not sweet. Also, I always use Greek yogurt because it contains more protein than regular non fat yogurt.


June 29, 2010

Top 5 Shoes for the Summer

1. Ballet Flats. I like to have at least one pair of black ballet flats and a few other fun and colorful ones in my closet.  Flats are great because they are casual enough for the day to run errands around the city, yet dressy enough to wear out in the evening.

2. Platform Heels.  These are great for dinner, a party, or even a wedding. They are the perfect shoe to make a statement. (let me just add that I did get them on sale!)  And since this shoe is metallic it works with many outfits. If I buy another pair of platforms for the summer I would definitely go for a pair with some color.

3. Flat Thong Sandals (gold or silver). As you can see here  my Tory Burch thongs are worn out and yes it might be time for a new pair.  But, I love these shoes and I wear these all summer long because they go with almost everything in my closet.  When I go on vacation this this is the only flat shoe I pack. I wear them during the day, out at night, and even to the pool and beach.

4. Nude Pumps. These Stuart Weitzman nude pumps go with everything from skinny jeans to a basic black summer dress.  They are also perfect for work. The peep toe version of this pump is classy and a great option for the spring and summer.  But, I decided to go with the closed toe so I can wear them year round in Boston.

5. Wedge Sandals.  They have made a comeback and I am so glad because I have three pairs sitting in the back of my closet collecting dust.  Wedges are great because they add height and they are  much easier to walk in than stilettos. They look great with flowy skirts and summer dresses.

And do you remember a long time ago when jellies were the top shoes for the summer? Well they too have made a comeback and I cannot believe my daughter is adoring them now.


June 28, 2010

Knight and Day and Cross Body Bags

I went and saw the movie Knight and Day with my husband this weekend. First off I cannot remember the last time we went to a movie together so it was really nice to have a movie date night.  And for a change we both agreed on the movie we wanted to see. This is always difficult since my husband enjoys action/thriller movies and I prefer romantic comedies.  Knight and Day had the perfect balance of light comedy and action. And even though the movie did not get amazing reviews, both of us enjoyed the movie and our night out.
In this movie, Cameron Diaz was style’n with this cross body bag. Cross body bags are great for times when you absolutely need a bag to carry all your essentials like going to a baseball game, outdoor concert, or dinner. They are also ideal because they are hands free, convenient, and look stylish. This also makes them great options  for running errands and shopping.

                             Cameron Diaz and her cross body bag in Knight and Day

A few of my favorites
JCrew Galaxy purse $395
Foley+Corinna Disco city bag $198
Marc by Marc Jacobs Catherine leather tote $360

And here is the one I have by Marc Jacobs.  It’s from a couple of seasons ago but I use it all the time.


June 25, 2010

Exclusively In

Ok so we all know about Gilt, Hautelook, Shop It to Me, Rue La La, Luxe Club One, and so forth. But, have you heard about Exclusively in yet?

Welcome to Exclusively.In – the destination for the best in Indian fashion, home decor and travel at exclusive, members-only prices.

Style Expressed
Exclusively.In brings you the best in Indian fashion, home decor and travel. We are on the frontlines of the most inspired styles coming from India, discovering and delivering the latest designs and truly singular experiences.

Daily Private Sales All members are invited to daily private sales on Exclusively.In. Each sale features a carefully curated collection of fashion, furnishings and travel experiences which are available for a limited time. Be sure to log in early, as quantities are also limited and items often sell out quickly. If your favorite product does sell out, add it to your waitlist. We will do our best to get you the item. But remember – many items on Exclusively.In are one of a kind.

Here is my invitation link in case you want to join.

Enjoy the weekend!


Picture Perfect

{Photo credits here, here, and here)

Last December my family all got together for family portraits.  We booked the photographer, set the date, coordinated black outfits with turquoise accessories, and all showed up on a beautiful (but chilly) day in Charlotte to take pictures. I  received the prints a while back but finally got around to buying frames from Target last weekend.  My mom made this beautiful collage of Ariyana so I wanted to put this up in our  home as well.  I figured I could combine the collage and our portraits on the same wall. So, of course I put my husband to work and here is our picture gallery.

First I laid the pictures on the floor directly in front of the wall. After trying various options for the gallery I decided I liked this arrangement the best. By arranging the pictures this way it was easy to measure how many inches we needed between each picture. 

We matted the prints and placed wiring the back of each frame

Next we placed the large collage on the wall  and then added each frame one by one by measuring and then marking the wall

My lovely family

Do you have a fun project to tackle this weekend?


June 24, 2010

Style Trend- Stripes

Stripes have been in style for a while now but I cannot get enough of them. Here are a few of my favorites for the summer.

Lucky Brand Pink woven scarf $35.00
Marc by Marc Jacobs Pack of 3 Beaded Bangles Was $175.00 Now $87.50
Belle by Sigerson Morrison Bamboo Nabuck Suede Sandals $260.00
Pottery Barn BBQ Stripe Pitcher Was $29.00 Now $23.00
Anthropologie Insider’s View Shell Was $68.00 Now 39.95
Sabre Transat flatware (featured on Elle Decor) $80.00

Gorgeous pictures of rooms featuring stripes
                                                                     {via Elle Decor}

And more lovely stripes


June 22, 2010

Lift Up Ellie and Artist Anne Neilson

Ellie is a beautiful 8 year old twin with Stage 4 Relapse Rhabdomyosarcoma and she has days if not hours left on this earth.  I have followed Ellie’s journey at CaringBridge and reading Ellie’s journal has brought me to tears (on several occasions). 
This beautiful art was done by Ellie Potvin at Anne Neilson’s studio in Charlotte, NC.  All four of these paintings Ellie created have been made into fine art giclee prints and sell for $75.00 with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the “Lift Up Ellie Fund.”  

                                           “Pinky Power”                              “Ellie’s Angel”
                        ” All things Bright and Beautiful”                “Blue Moon”
{Ellie at the Southend Studio of Anne Neilson

In addition, fine art glycee prints from three of Anne’s Angel series paintings will be sold  for $150 each  and 50% of proceeds from these limited edition prints will support the Lift Up Ellie Fund.  These prints are all available on Anne Neilson’s website.

For more information on Ellie Potvin visit Lift Up Ellie or read Amy Potvin’s journal at CaringBridge.


Food for Thought

I have always had interest in staying fit and eating healthy foods.  Here is a sampling of some foods known as “smart” foods. I try to incorporate these foods into my weekly diet.
Blueberries are packed with antioxidants that promote brain health and they high in fiber. I eat them in smoothies every morning, with sorbet for dessert, and just this weekend I made some delicious blueberry whole wheat pancakes.

Wild Salmon is one of the best dietary sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for brain health. I have 2-3 recipes for salmon I tend to use over and over again.

Nuts contain protein, lots of fiber, and good fats. They also contain essential fatty acids vital for brain health. Almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts are all excellent choices. I add walnuts and almonds to my smoothies. And, sometimes for a late afternoon snack I reach for cashews.       

Avocados contain a good mix of healthy fats and protein to provide energy. I usually cook Mexican food once a week and guacamole is always on the menu.

Whole Grains are slow-burning complex carbohydrates providing excellent fuel for the brain and they are an excellent source of B vitamins and fiber.  Brown bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and oatmeal are all examples of whole grain.

Beans contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein.  They are an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and they stabilize blood sugar levels.  I eat tons of black beans, kidney, garbanzo, soybeans, and lentils.

Fresh brewed tea  are full of antioxidants which helps with blood flow. Tea also contains a modest amount of caffeine to enhance memory, focus, and mood.  I love my cup of coffee in the morning, but in the afternoon I love drinking a hot cup of tea. My favorite is Black tea or Mango tea but Green tea and other lightly caffeinated teas are great options.

Dark Chocolate contains antioxidants and natural stimulants, including caffeine, which enhance focus and concentration. I admit I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate but if it contains mint then I am all for it. (thinking After Eight’s and peppermint patties)

Are you incorporating these and other smart foods into your diet?


June 21, 2010

SOWA Sundays

This weekend we finally got around to hitting the SoWa Open Market. The market features antiques, music, art, handmade gifts and food. If you live in Boston and have not been yet you should definitely check it out. It is such a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here are a few vendors I visited. I have already spotted items I want from each place. 

JHillDesign-Here is just a small sampling of the prints available at JHill Design. You can even customize any JHill print with your own text, pattern, and location. (This is the option I am going to go with when I get around to ordering a few prints) Check out the website for all the other services they offer such as invitations, calendars, and other personalized gifts. 

{map prints}

{city prints}

                                                            {animal alphabet}

I also stopped by and chatted with the lovely ladies over at  mitetees. They have all kinds of personalized gifts to choose from. But, my favorite was the Production Series. These onesies make great gifts for your friends who are expecting babies or already have little ones.  In fact, my brother and sister in law are going to have a baby boy and I am already thinking I need to get a personalized onesie for the baby.

                                                                {images above from mitetees}

Finally, I had a chance to meet with Melissa of melle finelli jewelry.  Melissa has a beautiful collection of rings, earrings, and necklaces.  Here are a few shots from the studio.

In celebration of Father’s Day we tried Gaslight in the South End for the first time.  This is one of my new favorite spots in Boston for Brunch. The great thing about Gaslight is that it’s right around the corner from the SoWa Market. Oh I really miss living in the South End!

Poor Ariyana was a little sick this weekend so we spent some time cuddling in bed, sipping orange juice, reading Olivia, and watching way too much Dora.


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