August 31, 2010

Top 10 Style Trends: Urban Outfitters

I love shopping at Urban Outfitters especially when I want to buy some fun casual weekend wear.  So I was intrigued when I saw this list of The Top 10 Fall Trends on their website.   In general, I love incorporating trends into my wardrobe but only when the trend looks good on me and when I truly like the trend.  Also, trendy pieces of clothing or accessories are great to add on when I am trying to create an updated and stylish look with pieces I already have in my wardrobe.   I am not a fan of all these trends here and probably would not try all of them.  But my absolute favorites are the surplus, platform heels, and double finger rings.  Corduroy is always a nice basic to have and I will probably add at least one oversized sweater to my wardrobe this fall.

What are your favorite trends from this Top 10 list?

1. Varsity

2.  Surplus

3. Heritage Shoes

4. Corduroy

5. Pony Hair

6. Long Dresses and Skirts

7. High Platforms

8. Double Finger Rings

9. Oversized

10. Saddle Bags


August 30, 2010

Style Trend: Going Green

I love the look of these military skinny cargo pants that Khloe Kardashian, Leighton Meester, and  Jessica Alba are wearing.  They are urban chic and stylish yet comfortable and relaxed.
So a couple of weeks ago I was Nordstrom and I came across the oh so popular and adorable JBrand Houlihan Skinny Cargo pants.  I really like these skinny cargo pants and  I really like JBrand jeans in general because they are high quality and fit me well.   I am thinking about adding a pair of skinny cargo pants to my fall wardrobe because they are a nice change from the denim and black skinny jeans I wear all the time.  These cargo pants would look great with booties or heels and a nice feminine top would complete the look.

Here are a couple of more options by Level 99  and Free People.

So, I decided to check out asos and see if they had any cargo pants.  I know many of you bloggers out there have shopped at asos.   But for my friends who are not familiar with asos, you should check out this UK site. They offer free shipping to the US and the prices are reasonable.

Here are a few “green” items I adore from asos.  As you can see I got a little sidetracked when I was searching for some skinny cargo pants.   But, since asos does not have a wide selection of cargo pants I figured why not share with you some other cute “green” items.

And here’s just a picture of me wearing my favorite green item from the summer.  This beaded tie-neck tank from Banana Republic has been one of my go to tops for the past couple of weeks.  In a few weeks when the weather gets chilly here in Boston, I will pair this top with a blazer or cardigan and it will be perfect weekend wear. 

Have you added “green” to your wardrobe yet?


August 27, 2010


Happy Friday everyone!  I thought I would share with you these beautiful shoes that just arrived at Ann Taylor.  I don’t usually buy shoes at Ann Taylor but my mom was shopping with me and she loved these booties and encouraged me to try them on and soon as I did I was sold. They are so comfortable and what I love most is that I can wear these to work with dresses and skirts but they are playful enough to wear with skinny jeans or black leggings for an evening out. And I had a coupon for 20% off so of course I bought them.

Here are some other beautiful shoes you can find at Ann Taylor right now.

And here are a few Ann Taylor coupons I stumbled into at See Chloe Shop.

-Take 20% off  your entire purchase of $100+ | code: SEPT 20
-Take 30% off one full-priced item | code: SEPT 30 Or take 25% off your entire order of $150+, including sale items! | code: AUGUSTAFF25
-Take 20$ off select pants and get automatic free shipping! No code necessary, eligible items marked “special offer”, discount applied upon check out.  

Will you be doing some fall shopping this weekend?


August 25, 2010

Shopping Event: Cynthia Rowley

One of the great benefits of living in the city is being able to take advantage of fun private shopping events like this event over at Cynthia Rowley.  It’s a great excuse to meet up with friends for a drink and go shopping, and of course the 20% discount is pretty sweet as well.   I am looking forward to a fun evening out tomorrow evening with Sami (a glimpse of glamour) and Phoebe. (Lovejoy Designs)
Here are some pieces from the 2010 Fall Ready to Wear Collection.  My favorite look is the blue dress on the top row.  What are you favorite looks from this collection?
And here are a few other Cynthia Rowley items I thought were interesting and unique.

1. Printed Toolset Wirecutter, Pliers, and Screwdriver

2. Printed Tool Set Tape Measure, Level, and Flashlight

3. Dress Up Band-Aids

4. And Designer Diapers by Cynthia Rowley (read more here)


August 23, 2010

Stylish Headboards

This morning Ariyana’s custom upholstered tufted headboard finally arrived and the timing could not be more perfect since we are in the process of transitioning her from the crib to the “big girl” bed. 
I was inspired by many of these beautiful images of upholstered beds below as I was making my decision.   I wanted a headboard Ariyana could have in her bedroom for several years.  But, I wanted the option to move the headboard into a guest room down the road.  So, I decided on an ivory tufted headboard and of course my friend Phoebe (of Lovejoy Designs)  made all of this happen.
I also want to thank the following lovely ladies for giving me Blog Awards over the past week.   I will try and get around to answering the questions but for now I really want to thank each of these stylish ladies for thinking of me.
1. Chas at From Denim to Dessert
2. Stacey at Design Addict Mom
3. Kelly at Life at Five Feet

{decor pad}
{better homes and gardens}
{better homes and gardens}
{decor pad}
{decor pad}
{decor pad}


August 20, 2010

Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite simple pleasures is to wake up and start the day with a nice strong cup of fresh ground coffee.  In fact, I cannot talk to anyone until I get my coffee fix.  So,  I was excited when the coffee beans I ordered from Roasted Grounds Coffee Company arrived on my doorstep this week.   If you are not familiar with this company, Cara from Lilac and Grey, recently started this coffee business with her husband.  You can find more details about this delicious coffee here.  I am now hooked on this coffee and I will definitely be ordering some more.

The August issue of In Style arrived this week and I cannot wait for this weekend so I can enjoy a glass of  Cabernet and read this issue which is literally filled with 600 pages of Fall Fashion.  Drinking wine and enjoying a good magazine is so satisfying don’t you think?

On Monday morning my mom made fresh watermelon juice with ginger and lemon. This was refreshing and healthy.   My sister and I proceeded to mix the juice with champagne but due to the excessive amount of ginger in the watermelon juice, this combination did not turn out well.

And my husband and I enjoyed date night every night this week.  It is Restaurant week in Boston so this is a great opportunity to try out some new places to eat.  We are also planning on catching up with some movies tonight and tomorrow. Tonight we are finally going to see Inception and tomorrow we are going to see Salt.  I really love the simple pleasure of going out to dinner or going to see a good movie and eating “movie” popcorn.  

I also appreciate the simple pleasure of spending quality time with Ariyana.   But, last Monday, before flying back to Boston, I decided to leave her with my mom and dad in Raleigh, NC so that she could spend some quality time with them for the week.  I know Ariyana is having a great time with my parents, and my husband and I appreciate this break, but we still miss her dearly and we look forward to seeing her Sunday.

And this video is literally 8 seconds but it is so adorable. Ariyana is having her first official golf lesson with my dad. It is truly amazing to me to see how simple pleasures like making the golf putt, enjoying a popsicle, or even finishing a puzzle can make a child so happy.

What are your favorite simple pleasures in life?



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