September 27, 2010

Lady in Red

Several of the 2010 Fall RTW collections featured the color red. Red is such a bold, confident, and fun color to wear. 

{Bottega Veneta}
Here are a few of my favorite red items for the fall. (I have had my eye on this Madewell dress for a while now. )

I found this red and white BCBG blouse in the back of my closet and it seriously has to be at least 3 or  4 years old.   To create an updated look,  I added a wide black belt.  By the way is anyone else out there as crazy about wearing belts as I am? I feel like I wear belts all the time.  Anyway, I wore this comfortable outfit on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Boston.

{BCBG blouse, Citizens of Humanity Avedon slick skinny legging jeans, H&M belt, Tory Burch flats, Michael Kors sunglasses}
And here is an article from the online edition of Saturday’s WSJ titled : “Red is the Color of Confidence”

Do you like wearing red?



Caroline said…

I love the red dress!! And red is one of my favorite colors. xo

Tanvi said…

Love the collage! WANT everything! And you look lovely! 🙂

Vibhuti said…

Oooo Naina, I love your Lady in Red!
Another intelligent mind thinking alike? 😀
I loved all of your picks.
And that belt ur wearing is THE most awesome belt seen in ages!
Amazing post again..:))

Katie said…

Love your blouse and always love wearing red 🙂

Josie said…

Red was EVERYWHERE this season, and I'm in love with the shade. It takes nerve to pull it off, and you do it spectacularly– and love your skinnies!
xo Josie

Kristin said…

I have always loved red. And I'm so glad it's "in" so I can find it everywhere. LOVE that first Valentino gown. Swoonsville!

Cara said…

Loving your red picks especially the Rolando pumps 🙂
PS. Come enter our coffee giveaway!

Chas said…

Pretty! I love how you styled the blouse! I love those red aviators and the ruffled dress!

GB said…

Love that chan luu bracelet!!
Your outfit looks fab, as usual!

Lee Oliveira said…

I am just in love with Givenchy.. I can't wait to see the whole male collection..
I think my credit card will hate me forever

Melissanibbles said…

Love the belted shirt. Very chic!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said…

i look AWEFUL in red – i only go with red shoes or bags .. maybe red jeans/leggings – but tops or dresses don't look to hot on me ..

and don't u love TB reva's – SO comfy – i have a pair on now – i got practically every color – it's my go-to flat i would say :o)

Anthea said…

Loving the red and I think this is my absolute favourite outfit of yours so far!

Embracing Style

its simple love said…

Oh how gorgeous. I love red pumps especially. You look gorgeous!


p.a. Be sure to check out my Lil Petite Jewelry Giveaway when you get the chance!:)

Lane 🙂 said…

i love wearing red. it makes my skin look so bright and light. if that makes any sense. 🙂

Torrie said…

I completely agree- bold, sexy, and confident.

Love the color, and I LOVE your outfit…
bold, sexy, confident:).

Tasha said…

First you look great!

And red is one of my favorite colors! Very eye-catching! My favorite dress here is the 3rd one from the Bottega Veneta set!! So gorgeous!

Marissa said…

I feel like I look too pale in red, but it must look gorgeous with your skin tone. On another note, where have you been, lady? I haven't seen you all fashion week! Are you coming to the swap Thursday?

xo Marissa
(The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

Nikki said…

These are such gorgeous looks and love your red picks!


Tamara Nicole said…

I love that look! Ok and red is my fave all time colro for sure, I drive a red mini cooper, wore red heels in my wedding,a dn love it all:-)

Great post hun! Also, thanks for your sweet comments! Yes the Empress was fab, as is Victoria despite the rain:-)

Have a great week!

Cucu said…

Red is a great color! & I hope I'll find the perfect shade for me this year.

Great blog and great style!!

Are you interested in following each other?


bollywoodstylediaries said…

I havent worn red as a solid color – only in prints or in combination with some white or beige..I like the cherry red shade as compared to bright red..Love the first two Bottega veneta dresses!!

I love ur belt – it really makes the whole look very polished..

Stephanie said…

love the "red" post, although I'm not much of a red wearer. but i definitely need, excuse me, want that lotus rouge chanel nail polish.

i, too, ADORE belts, every day and every way.

coolkids said…

Love your outfit! Looks great on you. I don't look good in a lot of red b/c of my coloring. I did buy a cute red/gray striped sweater recently.

Mimi said…

red is a beautiful color! it's so fierce. love it. 😀

<3, Mimi

mcQueenBeep* said…

I love the color red. It's such a powerful color.


Samantha said…

Beautiful blouse! I don't wear red nearly enough..but that Givenchy collection is enough to make me start! And those Louboutins are divine!


Elle said…

I don't own nearly enough red! I need more in my life and that madewell dress is so chic!

Jess said…

Oh girl – I want your entire outfit!!! Especially loving those black skinnies. You look gorgeous!



I love red! It's one of my favorite colors and I definitely have a decent amount of it in my wardrobe. I always found it to be that color that I would accent my otherwise fairly neutral wardrobe with. Love every single one of these pieces and that blouse you're wearing. Isn't it great when you rediscover an old piece?

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Style Attic said…

The Valentino collection is awesome and I love that 1st gown! LOVE red and I really like it on my husband. He thinks not, but it really looks great with his blue eyes. Me, I love it as well, but only in the summer when I have my tan kickin! Christmas would be an exception 🙂 LOVE your look!



style-haus said…

red is certainly a color of confidence. red has inspired me as well 😉 that's a beautiful print blouse and the belt def gives it a chic and updated look

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said…

Givenchy wins for me everytime.

Not a Paper Cup said…

I've never been too good at pulling off red…but I love this outfit…that top is awesome 🙂

Stacey said…

Love the collections you posted and love your outfit and yes, you look great in red. I haven't seen you not look great in any color:-). I also just posted a sneak peek of my humble abode showing the table and chairs. xx

Isabel said…

red is such a great colour to accessorize with!

20 York Street said…

How could I have missed this? Ooohhhh those CL pumps, if only I have no student loans.. Ha ha!

That dress is pretty sweet too isn't it? On last count I have hmn… 25 belts! Only 4 I regularly use. Sad!


Diana Mieczan said…

Those are such an amazing picks for red:) I am totally smitten with Valentino as well:) That short dress is stunning

Krystal said…

I adore your red round up, especially that cardigan! i never wear it but i think i should more 🙂 hope you have been well my dear!!

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