Friday, August 20, 2010

Simple Pleasures

One of my favorite simple pleasures is to wake up and start the day with a nice strong cup of fresh ground coffee.  In fact, I cannot talk to anyone until I get my coffee fix.  So,  I was excited when the coffee beans I ordered from Roasted Grounds Coffee Company arrived on my doorstep this week.   If you are not familiar with this company, Cara from Lilac and Grey, recently started this coffee business with her husband.  You can find more details about this delicious coffee here.  I am now hooked on this coffee and I will definitely be ordering some more.

The August issue of In Style arrived this week and I cannot wait for this weekend so I can enjoy a glass of  Cabernet and read this issue which is literally filled with 600 pages of Fall Fashion.  Drinking wine and enjoying a good magazine is so satisfying don’t you think?

On Monday morning my mom made fresh watermelon juice with ginger and lemon. This was refreshing and healthy.   My sister and I proceeded to mix the juice with champagne but due to the excessive amount of ginger in the watermelon juice, this combination did not turn out well.

And my husband and I enjoyed date night every night this week.  It is Restaurant week in Boston so this is a great opportunity to try out some new places to eat.  We are also planning on catching up with some movies tonight and tomorrow. Tonight we are finally going to see Inception and tomorrow we are going to see Salt.  I really love the simple pleasure of going out to dinner or going to see a good movie and eating “movie” popcorn.  

I also appreciate the simple pleasure of spending quality time with Ariyana.   But, last Monday, before flying back to Boston, I decided to leave her with my mom and dad in Raleigh, NC so that she could spend some quality time with them for the week.  I know Ariyana is having a great time with my parents, and my husband and I appreciate this break, but we still miss her dearly and we look forward to seeing her Sunday.

And this video is literally 8 seconds but it is so adorable. Ariyana is having her first official golf lesson with my dad. It is truly amazing to me to see how simple pleasures like making the golf putt, enjoying a popsicle, or even finishing a puzzle can make a child so happy.

What are your favorite simple pleasures in life?




style-haus said…

hahahha such a cute video! πŸ˜€ kids really do remind us to enjoy the simple things in life. having coffee in the morning is one of my absolute favorite times of the day! have fun at the movies…i haven't seen salt but inception was truly mindbending (in a good way!)

Chas said…

I just saw Salt last week and really liked it! I just gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!

Josie said…

These simple pleasures are so sweet! That watermelon juice sounds so tasty, and your daughter is absolutely DARLING!
xo Josie

annelise said…

American magazines are so much fatter than Australian ones! Ours seem more like leaflets compared to the tomes you get to enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Anthea said…

Lovely post! Makes me excited to relax and unwind this weekend.

Embracing Style

MelissaNibbles said…

She's so cute!

I'm sipping on my favorite French Roast (Starbucks) as I read this. Delicious!

I need to stay away from the fashion magazines this fall. They're too tempting for me!

Krystal said…

my friend made a watermelon drink and it was so good!!! AND i was going to try to skip coffee today until i saw this….now i'm craving it πŸ™‚ can't fight it!

Cara said…


I am so glad you are enjoying your coffee- I am drinking coffee from Flores right now, and it's DELISH! Let me know if you need any other recommendations πŸ™‚

PS. I think you have the next big golf star on you hands!

Tanvi said…

I went through the whole InStyle last evening while husband was watching History Channel! πŸ˜› Your weekend plans sounds blissful. Both the movies are great. We might be going to watch SWITCH! Jen-Fan here! :o)

I am sure your parents are loving having little Ariyana around! Have a good weekend!!!

Fashion Meets Food said…

heyy girly! Just found your blog and love it! You have a new follower!


coolkids said…

Great post! I will have to try her coffee. I have been thinking about it since I read her post!
I think great minds think alike. I also enjoy my nightly wine.:) Also, the first thing I thought when I saw that drink your mom made was…mmmm that would be good with some booze in it. LOL.
You are right about kids! Its the simple things that make them the most happy. I am jealous of your date nights this week! Enjoy your child free time.

Vibhuti said…

Aaah Naina,
This is truly a very sweet post.
Element after element of your simple pleasures makes me want a sip and a bite of it too..
WOW, restaurant week sounds sooo tempting!
And I havent watched Inception yet..
SO yeah..ur list is more or less like my TO DO list..hehehhehe..ENJOY urself dear..ATB..TC..:D

Torrie said…

My favorite kind of post, learning about a friend's simple pleasures. It's funny- when I read "date night every night of the week" I thought, HOW did she manage that?? We're lucky to have ONE night! Then I read further:). I could not agree more with all of these- seriously. LOVE movies, LOVE popcorn, LOOOOOOOVE wine & magazines (although I have been letting them pile up unread recently), LOVE coffee, and of course time with my kids. Really, nothing to add except mac & cheese (per my 'confession' post;).

Have a wonderful weekend of movies and LOTS of popcorn.

Nikki said…

Your daughter is so cute!!!
I'm the same way about my coffee, I need to try some from Cara's coffee company!
Have a great weekend!


alison (semi-fab lane) said…

the simple things are the best aren't they. that's nice that you were able to spend some qt with your husband this week!
i'll have to try cara's coffee, that's so cool that she has her new company!

Zabrinah said…

Great post! So much good stuff here! I love Brad and Angelina!

Plus, watermelon juice looks DELICIOUS!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,


Pinky said…

love love love this you look super hot in those shorts..very cool!!
pinky g

Beth Dotolo @ Hello, Splendor said…

The coffee sounds amazing! I think I'm going to try it out… thanks!!

Valerie said…

The video or Ariyana golfing is absolutely darling! And so is the picture of you with her (and look at your fabulous legs!). How nice that you and your husband had a week alone with lots of date nights. Coffee, red wine and magazines, and date nights are all on my list of simple pleasures too. A few of my other favorite simple pleasures are home cooked meals made by my mom, wine and cheese, board games, receiving a hand written card/letter in the mail, ocean views, Anthropologie catalogs, wearing new shoes and NOT getting any blisters, and spending time with my husband/family.

Hope you have a great weekend, Naina!



OMG that video is too precious! She's adorable! So glad that you and your husband had a nice week. A week alone occurring at the same time as Restaurant week?!?! How perfect can that be? πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend, honey! xoxo

Mimi said…

a simple pleasure in life that i enjoy the most is eating dinner with my family and just sitting there talking. πŸ˜€

<3, Mimi

Jammer said…

I've been trying to hold off on coffee until I REALLY need it to get through the work day. I think the day I pass out on my laptop in the middle of a meeting be a good time to start drinking it.

Style Attic said…

These are all fantastic simple pleasures. So cute, so real, so you and I love them. I greatest daily pleasure are the kisses and hugs I get from my two boys. I eat it up now, b/c they won't last forever. I enjoy being their whole world πŸ™‚ How cute is that coffee? I will have to check it out. I can almost smell it!

Lee Oliveira said…

Lovely post!
I love my photography during my free time, all these good things like walking with my dog around the beach, eat chocolate during movie time and enjoying the company of my partner is what makes me happy!

Jessica said…

You're both so cute!

I've been holding off on reading InStyle until Vogue and Harper's Bazaar arrive. Then I'm going to curl up and spend an entire afternoon leafing through the magazines and ripping out inspiration photos. Hooray for fall!

Cafe Fashionista said…

You and Ariyana are just gorgeous. And your simple pleasures are some of mine, as well – coffee, magazines…yes please. Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!! πŸ™‚

20 York Street said…

Ariyana is beautiful and so are you!

I would love to keep in touch with you! I'll surely be back for more!


20 York Street said…

So sorry, just noticed the typo! I'm at Best Buy trying the new iPad! Sorry…


P.s. Moccachinos and beautiful jewelries!

Phuong said…

very cute!

Mama Hen said…

What a little cutie! I love a great cup of coffee in the morning also. That watermelon juice looks yummy. Thank you for stopping by Mama's Little Chick. Hope to see you around the Hen House!

Mama Hen

Jennifer and Sherry said…

cute blog! and great images! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

jennifer & Sherry

notjustmedical said…

Oh your daughter is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! *I made it!!*

I'm looking forward to watching Salt as sounds like a pretty cool film!

Oh and I didn't do the illustrations, they were by Vic should check out her other stuff (link's on my blog!)


J said…

The watermelon juice sounds delicious!

La Jodi3 & La Couture said…

the video is too cute… great post

nyc lu said…

love this post! i love how summer is a time for everyone to just relax and appreciate the simple things πŸ™‚ my best friend from boston just visited and was raving about the restaurant week, too! i am also insanely jealous about that instyle mag–i need to get myself a copy, stat!


Zabrinah said…

I've already commented here, but I need to add that the video is SOOOO ADORABLE! I love how she says, "I MADE IT!"



Tamara Nicole said…

Cute pics!!! Ok and I totally love Cara's blog, and if it weren't for my Nespresso I'd buy their coffee, how cute!!! And yes, I need my latte every morning:-)

The Zhush said…

Great post, adorable video! SO important to always remember all the simple things in life! xx

SabinePsynopsis said…

Oh, I'm very much with you on the daily pleasures – and I absolutely feel not able to talk to anyone before I had at least one cup of coffee in the morning.

Jess said…

She is such a cutie!!! And by the way, I LOVE that blue tunic you are wearing.


Lovely B. said…

Nothing better than a great cup of coffee. I just discovered the whole French Press thing and now totally hooked!

Take Care,

Vinda Sonata said…

bali blue moon in fantastic!
and i love hil swank on the cover. she has great facial features.
angie looks very thin btw..

Not a Paper Cup said…

lol. I DO NOT FUNCTION without coffee in the morning πŸ™‚

Emilie said…

Great post πŸ˜‰
I loved Inception and Salt!

Jaime @ La vie…J'aime said…

The watermelon juice sounds so yummy! I loved Inception!! πŸ™‚

Deliciously Organized said…

you two are adorable! and i love your simple pleasures! a new instyle and wine sounds perfect to me!

FabΓ­ola BeltrΓ£o said…

amazing post as always


Kari said…

I'm very tempted by your idea of a new magazine and a glass of wine now πŸ™‚

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said…

Angie is so amazing, I can't believe people compare that uber trashy Megan Fox to her!

Bella *Bellgetsreal said…

Gorgeous pics of you and your little one, Ariyana. My simple pleasure is…coming down before the house wakes up and taking that moment for myself.

Cute video.

Amy said…

that video is too cute!

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