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    On Air: How To Create Your Ideal Wardrobe in 2019 

    Today I was over at Good Day DC on Fox5DC sharing some style tips on how to curate your ideal wardrobe in 2019. Afterall, it is January-the perfect time to think about deluttering and organizing your wardrobe for the New Year. And let’s be honest, it’s impossible to hop on any social media outlet without seeing folks tidying up and decluttering The Marie Kondo way! So, on today’s segment I am showing you the top wardrobe essentials that should be in every woman’s wardrobes. It doesn’t matter if you work at home or in an office setting or if you are a stay at home mom, these are the foundational items that will having you looking great and feeling confident. 

    Thanks for Bloomingdales Chevy Chase for providing all the clothing and accessories for today’s style segment. 


    On Air: Golden Globes Fashion at Let’s Talk Live DC 

    Today I was over at WJLA/ABC’s Let’s Talk Live DC sharing all the red carpet fashion hits and misses from last night’s Golden Globes Awards. 



    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Pieces To Buy 

    The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here! The sale started July 12th and cardholders have early access online and in stores through July 19th and from July 20th-August 5th the sale opens up to the public. So far I have literally shopped Ariyana’s entire fall wardrobe from this sale and I have added some items to the cart for myself. Here are some of my favorites items from the sale. 



    The Perfect Everyday Tote

    (Image source)

    If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and good quality all day tote then this Day Market Tote from Everlane is for you. This structured tote comes in a variety of colors, is made of premium Italian leather, and is super stylish. But if you want one hurry because they are in high demand and there is already a waitlist for some of the colors! 

    Lately I have been carrying my Mansur Gavriel tote for work and to and from barre classes and it’s very similar to the size and shape of this Everlane bag. The only issue with my current tote is that it a bit more delicate and has a ton of scratches. 

    Shop some of my favorite everyday totes 


    7 Tips for Buying A Luxury Handbag

    It’s no secret I have a huge love for luxury designer handbags and I have done several posts, articles, and TV segments on this topic. (herehere, and here ) I definitely gravitate towards bags that are classic and timeless and I am in the process right now of adding a new bag to my collection. In the past I have bought bags without really doing the proper research and I have made some mistakes along the way. So now I try and take more time before making such a huge purchase and I try and follow these 7 tips when buying a luxury handbag. 

    Also several people recently have asked me which bag I would recommend right now. I think this is always such a tough and personal question because it depends on what type of bag you want, your budget, what bags you already have in your closet.  I went ahead and included some of my favorite designer bags and you can shop them below. 


    7 Tips For Buying A Luxury Handbag 

    1. Do your research.  Start your search for a luxury handbag with some online research.  I like to hop on You Tube and watch reviews of the bags I am looking at. I also like to go on Instagram and do a hash tag search to see how other people are wearing and styling bags. Lastly, blogs like The Purse Blog and Purse Forum are super helpful for reviews on designer handbags. 

    2. Color match with your wardrobe. Choose a color that works with your current wardrobe. I like to visualize a few outfits and make sure the bag matches with items in my wardrobe.  I recommend not spending a lot of money on designer bags that not neutral or colors you don’t wear a lot. You will just end up getting tired of that color or you will find it isn’t versatile enough for you and it will end up just sitting on your shelf. 

    3. Evaluate your current bag collection and lifestyle. Luxury bags are expensive and you don’t want to buy a new bag that is too similar in style or color to a bag already in your collection. Also it’s good to take inventory of the bags you have and assess what type of bag is missing and where are the gaps are. For example you may want to ask yourself Do I need a cross body or a mini bag? Do I need a large tote to carry items from day to night? Evaluating your lifestyle and how you will use the bag is really important in determining the best type of bag to purchase. 

    4. Price research. Shop around and look at pre owned market. I find that most of the time you don’t save a lot and it’s best to just get it from the store. But sometimes you get lucky and the bag you are looking for is available pre-owned and it’s a great price. 

    5. Try it on. This one is so important. If you are able to I recommend going to the store and trying on the bag. Be sure to check out the length of the straps and see how you like the size of the bag. Also make sure you can easily take things in and out of the bag and that all your necessary items fit in the bag. Take your time and really make sure you love the bag. 

    6. Wait. Don’t impulse buy but instead take a little time to think it over and make sure it’s something you really want to add. I usually go home and think it over for a couple of days.  I have made a couple of impulse purchases in the past and have regretted those purchases. Now I take my time and make 100% sure the bag is the right one for me. 

    7. Buy the bag and enjoy!  Buying the bag is the fun part. But remember to inspect the item for quality with stitching, handles, hardware etc. Make sure you’re happy with the bag before you purchase it. Once you purchase your bag enjoy it and use it. I can’t tell you how many of my clients don’t use their bags. Handbags are meant to be used as much as possible. To help retain the shape stuff your handbags with tissue, dust bags, or old clothes. Lastly display your bags on open shelves if you can. If you see your bags you are more likely to use them daily. 

    (Photos by Bonnie Sen Photography) 

    Shop some of my favorite luxury designer handbags below