August 3, 2010

Style’n Outfit and Styling Tips from Tim Gunn

Usually I have some sort of reason I am posting a picture of an outfit.  But,  this is just a simple outfit I wore over the weekend.  I guess I wanted to try out my new H&M tank and my new Stella McCartney strappy espadrilles. 

I love this blank studded tank so I bought another one in a grayish/lavender tone.  It seems like I aways end up items I like in two different colors.  In fact, now that I think about it I have this belt in yellow as well.

Do you ever like something so much you end up purchasing two (or more) of them?

{Stella McCartney Strappy Espadrilles,, Guess pants, H&M tank,
bangles gifted from my mom from a boutique in Newport RI, Michael Kors watch,
Chanel sunglasses, Club Monaco skinny belt }
And Amgen (the company I work for) along with Pfizer sponsored this amazing contest for patients with Psoriasis. Check out Tim Gunn’s summer styling tips below.

Amgen and Pfizer today announced the five winners of the 2010 Addressing Psoriasis™ contest, which recognizes people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis who want to feel more confident in their everyday style. The winners have traveled to New York City where they will receive a one-on-one consultation with Tim Gunn, mentor to the designers on TV’s “Project Runway” and chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne, Inc. Gunn will help the winners embrace their personal style and work with them to select outfits that complement their individual looks and lifestyles, and that work with their psoriasis. The winners’ stories and experiences will help raise public awareness of psoriasis. – (For more details see the Amgen Press Release )

Allure Daily Beauty Reporter Blog
By Sarah Wexler
July 28, 2010

As a huge Project Runway fan, I couldn’t wait to catch up with host Tim Gunn (who let slip that the show will be all super-sized 90 minute episodes this season). Gunn was dressing five people who suffer from moderate to severe psoriasis for the Addressing Psoriasis campaign (Gunn first got involved last year because his sister has the skin condition). Between consultations, we snagged him to ask a few style questions:

ALLURE: It’s so frickin’ hot this summer. What can we wear to not melt but still look put-together?

TIM GUNN: The temptation is to wear baggy clothes, like tent dresses, that don’t touch you. But the more voluminous your clothes are, the more voluminous you look, so make sure the fit is flattering; try belting a shift dress.

A: What’s the best look for summer hair and makeup?

TG: Simple and natural. If you wear too much, you look like you tried too hard; if you do nothing, you look so messy that it detracts from your outfit.

A: Are skinny jeans and leggings ever going away?

TG: Let me say that just because something is a trend doesn’t mean everyone should wear it—only .0001 percent of people look good in them. And your shirt should be dress-length—otherwise, we see too much, and it can just be vulgar. Leggings are stockings, not pants.
A: What can we buy now and wear through fall?

TG: Citrus colors are going to fade out for fall, and I never recommend pastels—they make women look either babyish or dowdy. Your best bets are rich, saturated jewel tones, which you can definitely wear into next season.



Anthea said…

Love your tank and espadrilles. I try very hard to not buy the same thing in two different colours. I used to do it, but I got carried away and now I am trying to be disciplined!

Embracing Style

Café Bellini said…

I love everything about this outfit!

this free bird said…

This is very cool. I love the entire outfit – actually had that tank in my hand over the weekend! It's a keeper…in multiples!!

You look terrific and Tim's a class act!!


Katie said…

I love your outfit! You look great.

kirstyb said…

loving the sheos xxxx

My Republic of Fashion said…

Really cute outfit. Love the shoes.:)

In reference to my post yesterday, I think Lauren is carrying a Goyard bag. Total credit to V of Grit and Glamour for that!! SarahD:)

Emilie said…


Diana Mieczan said…

When I like something I will buy it in 2 or 3 different colours…hahah:)
This is a great outfit,sweetie:)

Kisses and have a great day:)

Btw: Those are such a great fashion tips:)

Not a Paper Cup said…

Those shoes are wonderful! 🙂

MelissaNibbles said…

I do the same thing with tops and shoes. If I find a top that fits well, I always pick out two or three in neutral colors that will go with everything. And shoes, well who doesn't need a great shoe in every color?! hahaha!

I love Tim Gunn. I wish he was my best friend. I agree with him about pastels. Not for women over the age of 18! I love leggings, but always make sure my butt is covered. I'm glad Tim would approve of my style. I'd be devastated to let him down.

Lisa Griffin said…

Great photos and I loooooove TG!

love jenny xoxo said…

Oh I love Tim!! And he is soo right about leggings, cover up your butt with something besides just leggings!! And I'm still not sure that I can pull off skinny jeans, but heck I wear them anyways!

Annie said…

cute outfit!!

Erika ~TiptoeButterfly~ said…

i don't think i ever purchase the same thing really – maybe leggings or a brand – but i dunno about the same exact style in multiple colors ..

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said…

Love the sandals and the way you echoed the orange in your belt!

coolkids said…

Great outfit! I may have to hit up H&M at lunch today.;) If I find tanks or tees that I love..I usually buy in a few different colors.

Nikki said…

I do that all the time!
Love your studded tank!


Shopper Gal said…

Loving that skinny belt and your sunglasses. You're totally adorable!!!

Tanvi said…

How smart and practical are Tim's advices. Totally agree with him on 'most' things :o) P.S. Love your outfit with a pop of orange! And I try and avoid the temptation to buy same thing in different colors, but I have known to do it several times … Hehe

Cafe Fashionista said…

I'll be honest…I constantly buy clothes and accessories in duplicates. I am trying to curb that habit though – it can get monstrously expensive!! 😛

Tayebug said…

You look so beautiful and that outfit is perfect. I love the pop of color in the shoes. And yes, when I really like something, I go back and try to buy more(even in the same color in case I wear out or do something to the first one)

Ms. Emily Ann said…

Great outfit! Those shoes are so fun! And I need to make an H&M trip soon, that store is the best!

Thanks for sharing Tim Gunns tips ~ I definitely agree about the leggings with a dress length top, and am excited about jewel tones, they are so rich and look gorgeous on nearly everyone!

Tasha said…

That tank is cute! And I really like those shoes! I just recently purchased two lace tops one in black and one in cream because I like them so much!

You look beautiful!

Jen said…

Oh, I do that all the time too! If I see something that I love and it fits well, I'll take one in each color please!! 😉



I LOVE your outfit! And I so do that as well. I buy multiple colors or sometimes I actually even buy 2 of the same exact thing. Or even the same color in 2 sizes. It drives my honey crazy but I don't really care 🙂

And love Tim Gunn! What a great contest 🙂

Valerie said…

You look great in this outfit, Naina. That studded tank is to die for, I can see why you bought it in a few colors! I do the very same thing when I find something I love. I go out and buy more. Sometimes I'll even buy two of the same color if I think it's something that's going to get dingy (like basic white tanks or tees that I love). Thanks for the tips!


Marcie said…

Those shoes go perfectly with the dark outfit. And I love that tank! Great outfit.

xo Marcie

Krystal said…

i love your outfit, you look so fab 🙂 as always 🙂

bollywoodstylediaries said…

Love ur studded top and the orange skinny belt. I do buy things in more than one color:-) I am trying to stop since it looks like I am in a style rut!!

Sarah said…

I totally fall in love with things so I buy more than one. Way guilty. I love the advice about wearing baggy things but belting them. Too often girls wear baggy stuff and then just look…baggy. It's important to show your figure too.

daily mix LA said…

love this look!

Amy said…

cute! yes, i always buy tees and tanks from gap in a bunch of different colors!

Jess said…

Oh I love those espadrilles! Great look.

alison (semi-fab lane) said…

i usually get tees in multiple colors. i can see why you got this tank in a couple.

minnja said…

Great & lovely blog, I follow you!!! Perhaps you will follow me, too? It would make me happy:)

Love & hugs

Jammer said…

LOVE Tim Gun!!

Elle said…

Love those Stella shoes and LOVE Tim Gunn! He's fabulous! I totally buy multiples of things I like too… especially if they're on sale!

Sovina said…

like the styling tips :)…also you have added just the right amount of color to brighten up the outfit..i love 🙂

Marissa said…

Thanks so much for visiting the blog! It's always nice to "meet" other Boston bloggers. I'm following you now, too.

BTW, your daughter is just too cute. That's one well-dressed little munchkin!

xo Marissa
(The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

style-haus said…

you've put together such a great summer look that goes perfectly with your espadrilles!

love tim gunn (and project runway)! he's always got practical and to-the-point styling advice. it's awesome that he's lending his styling expertise to such a great cause

Bella *Bellgetsreal said…

Oh those shoes….

I am featuring you in my Fridays blog post.


Daria said…

i very much like that tank!

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