October 4, 2010

Style’n tips from Today Show Style Editor Bobbie Thomas

On Saturday I attended Burlington Mall’s Runway Fashion Event and I had the pleasure of chatting with Bobbie Thomas.  Bobbie is the Style Editor on NBC’s Today Show, author of the Style Buzz column, and founder of  She was so approachable, outgoing, and of course she was style’n and she looked beautiful.

When I asked Bobbie about sharing her top 5 Fall must have items, Bobbie said she really doesn’t  have a top “must have” list for the fall but instead she believes every woman should have confidence.  She also said fashion these days is so accessible and you can be frugal and practical while still maintaining a stylish and polished look. Bobbie shared these additional beneficial tips and pointers with me about personal style. 

 Top 5 Fashion Tips for Women 
1. Have confidence in your fashion and personal style.
2. Know your body type.
3. Learn your color category and what colors and hues work well for you.
4. Have signature accents in your wardrobe.
5. Make sure your wardrobe welcomes you.   Bobbie used the example of how retail stores do an excellent job of merchandising items and creating looks that are appealing and welcoming.  She says we should also make sure our wardrobes are maintained and organized. 

During Bobbie’s Color Class, Bobbie explains what hues are best for you as well as what colors make you stand out.  Did you know you can determine your skin tones by looking at the color of your veins on your wrist? If your veins have blue tones this means you have a cool complexion (think of wearing colors such as blue, green, and purple) and a green color to the veins indicates you are a warm skin type (think of wearing brown, golden yellow, oranges). 

Check out Bobbie’s fabulous statement platform pumps by Gianfranco Ferre(Of course I had to include a picture of these!) 
Bobbie demonstrating the power of color with the use of scarves.
Bobbie swithes the scarves on the models and it is immediately evident that these colors compliment each of these model’s skin tones and complexions much better than the first demonstration.

And speaking of scarves, Bobbie is a huge fan of accessorizing with colorful scarves because scarves can help create a look that is effortlessly chic with instant drama.
Here Bobbie was showing two different shades of pink on Lucy Lu. Both shades look great but the fuscia color works so much better for Lucy’s skin tones.

Do you know your color tone? Are you warm  or cool?
I attended three great Fashion Shows at the event.  The first show was by Macy’s,  second one was the Runway Fashion Show featuring Lululemon, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Cole Haan, and others.  And the third show was the Nordstrom Fashion Show and this was my favorite show. (stay tuned later this week for the Nordstrom Fashion Show pictures) 

What I love most about attending these types of Fashion Shows is that you can walk into any of these stores, buy the pieces, and achieve these looks or even better create your own personal look.

Bobbie is wearing a  Twinkle by Wenlan  dress and Gianfranco Ferre platform pumps.
I am wearing a blouse by Megan Park, J Brand jean leggings, and Stuart Weitzman 50/50 over the knee boots. (And if I have not convinced you yet to get these amazing boots Bobbie has a pair too and she loves them!) 
 Lastly, a few of my friends have asked me to do a post on clothes that transition from day to night.  (I promise I will get around to doing more of these posts!)  I think many of us feel like we have a wardrobe for work and an entirely separate wardrobe for evenings and weekends.  I thought I would ask Bobbie to give us some of her ideas on creative ways to transition your wardrobe from day to night.
Bobbie’s tips for transitioning your look from day to night.
1. Consider wearing accessories like broaches, cocktail rings, and statement necklaces.
2. Get a manicure and go for some fun colors on your nails like a rich purple. 
3. Layer pieces so you have options to create different looks with the same outfit.
4. Consider adding a belt to a boxy blazer .
5. Maintain your beauty especially your skin and hair.  Make the effort to put on make up.  She  says creating a smoky eye is a great way to update the work look for an evening out.  Also, try a ponytail to create an easy and different look. 
6. Roll up your sleeves to change up the look of the outfit.
7. Taper your pants to show off your heels.

Thank you Bobbie for sharing your personal style tips with all of us.



samantha. said…

fabulous tips, naina! i wrote a post about knowing your colors before. it is so important to recognize which colors look best on you and wear them. people will almost always compliment you when you are wearing a color that looks well with your skin tone. i am often ignored by my coworker timothy when i wear nude colors and browns. now they are out of my wardrobe altogether! haha!


Collette Osuna said…

LOVE her tips…and her shoes are to die for!!

What a super sweet pic…you both look great:)

Stop by and say Hello ♥
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Couture and Crayons said…

Very cool. Never knew about veins to help determine my skin tone. Looked like a fun show!

Janice (Couture and Crayons)

20 York Street said…

These are fantastic advice, thank you for sharing N. I think I'm more of a warm colour person, yes? With our skin tone, I'm washed out with some nudes.

How was the BR show?


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Vibhuti said…

WOW Naina,
Such an amazing and informative most!
Cant thank you enough for this..
great Style'n tips right from the Diva's mouth.
I never knew we could select our wardrobe colours fron the colour in our vein!
Superb.. You are one fantastic fashion journo there!! XOXO

annelise said…

They are some great tips from Bobbie (I've no idea who she is, but great tips nonetheless). I really like the idea of not having 'must haves' but instead, confidence.

I've always wondered whether I'm a cool or warm toned person and after just now checking out some decidedly blue arm veins, now I know! How interesting.

Josie said…

This sounds amazing! Love her day-to-night tips. And you look absolutely adorable! Can't wait to see your Nordstrom show photos.
xo Josie

Diana Mieczan said…

Those are such a great tips…I am the warm colour category. I am totally going to use her day to night tips as well:)…Sounds like you had a fun weekend,sweetie
Happy Monday

Katie said…

Great tips! Just wanted to let you know I left you an award on my post today! 🙂

kirstyb said…

wow, fabulou s- looks like a great event xxxxx

Cara said…

GREAT tips! And GREAT shoes!!

MelissaNibbles said…

These are a lot of great tips. I like that she emphasized that you can be fashionable at any price point. I have no idea if I'm warm or cool…I want to know!

Nikki said…

I love these tips!
It''s so great you got to be part of this Naina!
(Love your boots.. you must have a serious shoe collection!!!)



What fabulous tips! I just love Bobbi and those shoes! And you look gorgeous 🙂

Tanvi said…

Great tips! Love her style. You look lovely there in your amazing boots 🙂

coolkids said…

great post! She is beauitful. Those shoes!! wow! You look great. Love all of the tips.

Linnea said…

Thank you so much for coming to the event! Bobbie is amazing and so nice! I have to thank you for the picture of the shoes…they were fabulous and my daughter has not stopped talking about them since Saturday. Love your tips. Thanks again!

Torrie said…

Such an informative post Naina! I love the simple tips, and felt good that I am on the right track.

I love the visual of the different colors on the models. It is a great example of why knowing your tone is so important.

…on that note, I honestly think I'm a little of both- greenish/blueish??! NOT that every color looks great on me- definitely not pastels, especially. I have pale skin, but dark features, so bright colors usually look better.

Valerie said…

Naina, this looks like such a fun event! You look so pretty and I LOVE your boots. It's so fun to hear styling tips from the experts-especially the one about choosing the right colors for your skin tone.


bollywoodstylediaries said…

very informative post. Had no idea about veins determining the color for ur skin tone.. great tips from Bobbie.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said…

She has beautiful hair! Some great tips.

Jen said…

Isn't Bobbie just adorable?? And her style is always impeccable. Did you see those heels?? HOT!!

Stacey said…

I've always been a fan of hers and she does offer some useful tips on the Today's show too. Great post and pics!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said…

I'm bookmarking and saving this post up for future reference and probablymaking index cards out and sticking them on my closet! So useful! And agreeable! I'm glad you got to attend a wonderful talk! 🙂

MarchMusings said…

She is so lovely and her skin just glows. Great post Naina!

Stephanie said…

I love this post. I'm a cool, but warm at heart! =) Love your boots.

Isabel said…

lucky you! it seems like a great event 🙂

Mimi said…

that is so cool! i really like her tips, those will definitely help me. 😀

<3, Mimi

Marissa said…

Sounds like a great event! It was wonderful seeing you at the swap, and no worries at all about the Melissa thing. 🙂

xo Marissa
(The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

Bella @Bellgetsreal said…

Great post and I have always wondered about cool vs warm tones, now I know- Cool! I love the orange and white in the fashion show, gorgeous!And the tips are fabulous. Thanks

I do hope you post some of your decorations for fall, I need more ideas.

Jammer said…

Oh you lucky duck! What an awesome event!

Tamara Nicole said…

How exciting for you! 🙂 And her shoes are simply fab! I want some!!!

Nately said…

Her shoes are amazing! You were totally right.


The Owl's Closet said…

Oh wow, what an awesome event!! Yes, colors that compliment your skin tone make such a huge difference! Thanks for sharing these tips:)

Jessica said…

Great tips! But, to be honest, it's hard to concentrate on anything but those killer heels!

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Krystal said…

this is so cool!!! such great tips 🙂 I agree…confidence is probably the number one most important factor in wearing anything. That – and choosing the right colors, haha! I'm definitely a jewel tone person 🙂
hope you are having a great day!!!!
(you might like my giveaway :))

Annie said…

Such great tips!! Thank you for sharing! xo

Style Attic said…

How cool! I can't believe rolling up sleeves is back in again…that does make me chuckle. BUT the cute teenage girls I see doing it, it looks inspiring!! Waaaay better than when I was doing it back in middle school. Great tips, thanks for the fashion 411 XO, Kelly

style-haus said…

i've always admired bobbie for her beauty and style. great post and so many helpful tips. knowing your body type and also which colors/hues compliment me are key things i've learned over the years…after trial & error!

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